Sunday, 31 January 2016

January 31st

Saint of the Day - Saint Marcelle
Devil of the Day - Dueme
Woman of the Day - Cantianille
Talisman of the Day -The Harlequin coat
Book of the Day -The Apparition of Spirits

Aquarius - Sun rises at 7.22am

31st January 1547 – Discovery of numerous witches in Navarre
31st January 1620 – Apparition of a procession in the sky at Bellac
31st January 1969 – Numbing of the Powers

To find treasure
Take an agate and make it red-hot on the iron of a lumberjack's axe. Then, lay the ax on the floor in such a manner that the cutting edge is turned to the sky. Place the agate on the axe edge; if it rests, there is no treasure. If it falls; let it fall and repeat 3 times. If it rolls three times in the same direction, it’s a certain sign that a treasure is is buried in the ground at that spot. If it takes each time a different route, it’s a sign that there is a treasure but you will have to search elsewhere.

Council of a doctor of the poor
You can stop a haemorrhage by placing a bouquet of heliotrope on the affected part.

Secret of a Goetic Bird
You can cause the death of someone by shaking your hat three times and shouting “BUZZ”

Axiom of the Immortal
God has sent us the meat and the Devil cuisine

Saint Marcelle Lived in a cave a life of virtue and prayer when she was discovered by a troop of foreign soldiers who raped her many times. She succumbed under the sheer number. But this act did not go unpunished because none of those lustful men returned from war.

Deume is a Deviless from Malabar. Her horrible aspect inspires terror. She sucks blood of virgins whilst they sleep. Not to be confused with the Brancolaques.

Cantianille Possessed by the Demons Vert-Joli and Joli-Bois. Was exorcised unsuccessfully and died under the surgeon.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

January 30th

Saint of the Day - Saint Martine
Devil of the Day - Astarte
Man of the Day - Denizelle De Douai
Talisman of the Day -La Licacienne
Book of the Day -Justine

Aquarius - Night falls at 16.44

30th January 1652 – Death of George De La Tour
30th January 1796 – Orgies at Montgon
30th January 1837 – Authorisation of the public cult of Saint Philomena
30th January 1914 - Death of Paul Deroulede
30th January 1954 - Creation of “The Night of Proverbs”

To see naked, in a dream, the woman you want
Make a powder composed of calcinated deer penis, nutmeg, comfrey and tragacanth. Add to it an equal measure of bear grease and five ounces of whale oil. Boil the mixture for a quarter of an hour and pour into a glass vase which you leave exposed to the sun for forty days of summer. Before you sleep, rub this ointment into the soles of your feet, the pit of the stomach, navel and neck.

Council of a Goetic Bird
If you want to talk to a sleeping woman, place the heart of an owl between her breasts.

Secret of a good fortune teller
Offer a bushel of oats to Saint Radegonde and you will heal your seizures and prevent yourself from becoming overweight.

Thoughts of Jacques Prevert
We must give to the fine arts what belongs to the fine arts

Sainte Martine only exists in the minds of some gullible people who take bladders for lanterns and, thus, give weapons to the enemies of the true faith.

Astarte The wife of Astaroth. This very ancient Phoenician divinity was ranked among the devils because of the crescent moon she wears on the forehead that some simpleton monks took for horns.

Denizelle de Douai Girl with a crazy life, a witch at times, the whore of the Abbe de Peu-de-sens.

Friday, 29 January 2016

January 29th

Saint of the Day - Saint Serapion
Devil of the Day - Shaitan
Man of the Day - Montgolfier
Talisman of the Day - Sea Anomene
Book of the Day -The Devil’s Hair

Aquarius - Sun rises at 7.23am

29th January 394 – Death of the hermit Macaire
29th January 1393 – Burning Balls
29th January 1795 – The Cardinal of Rohan buys his collar
29th January 1889 - The Mayerling Drama
29th January 1892 - Death of Captain Nemo

Recipe to obtain the hen that lays golden eggs
Procure a black hen and, at midnight, go to a place in the woods called “Cross of…” Make a hole in the earth and begin the invocation. Kill the black hen on top of the hole, taking care that all the blood runs into it and cover the hole. Go back to your home without looking back under any circumstances. That same night, the Devil will give you another black hen which will be the hen that lays golden eggs.

Council of a Deacon’s Cat
Demons will never annoy you if you keep in your wallet a fragment of the bed sheet of a holy saint.

Secret of a good fortune teller
The one born under the sign of Aquarius will be delightful but hard by twenty-three. They will fear the oceans and beasts. They will live seventy-two years.

Thoughts of a sleepwalker
"Anoint a villain, he will prick you: prick a villain, and he will anoint you."

Saint Serapion was one of seven Christians who, locked in a cave by order of Decius, slept three hundred and seventy-two years. When discovered, no-one believed them and they were taken for grave robbers. Their adventure strengthened the dogma of the resurrection. They are revered as the seven sleepers.

Shaitan Oriental Demon, perhaps an orthographic alteration of Satan.

Montgolfier Illustrious flying man, invented a way to elevate into the air and dared to equal angels and eagles more so than even Simon Magus.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

January 28th

Saint of the Day - Saint Charlemagne
Devil of the Day - Essas
Man of the Day - Gerbert D’Aurillac
Talisman of the Day - Steel
Book of the Day - L’Avesta

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.30

28th January 193 – A vision announced the death of Emperor Pertinax
28th January 1120 – Saint Norbert tames a wolf
28th January 1342 – Bursting of a fiery globe in the sky over the archipelago
28th January 1886 - Birth of grand jacques
28th January 1905 - Invention of the Prix Femina
28th January 1910 - The flooding of Paris
28th January 1957 - Tribulations of the angel Cyclamen

To charm a savage beast
Put in your mouth in a small topaz wrapped in an auronne leaf. When you see the savage beast, spit what you have in your mouth into a piece of silk cloth and bind tightly. Then throw it against the beast, saying aloud “Grabaton - Union - Adonay” Say this three times. The animal will not move and will remain on the spot as if petrified.

Council of a doctor of the poor
You will stop menstrual flow by applying boiled crushed red slugs on your navel.

Secret of a good fortune teller
The cry of a mouse is a pretty bad omen

Council of a peasant soldier
You shall drive the flies away from any place you want by burying the tail of a wolf

Saint Charlemagne Patron of students, received from an angel the marvellous jewel of the holy prepuce. This prestigious relic was for a long time the glory of Cologne and is now the ineffable treasure of Saints Corneille and Cyprian of Calcutta.

Essas Devil with the face of a hare, has the lower abdomen in the shape of hand. He presides over the solitary pleasures of both sexes.

Gerbert D’Aurillac was a celebrated necromancer. They say he had knowledge possessed of the devil and a dragon that devoured six thousand people daily. He was elected Pope in 999 under the name of Sylvester II. When his bones stir in the tomb, it is a sign that a pope will die.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

January 27th
Saint of the Day - Saint Chrysostome
Deviless of the Day - Issacharon
Woman of the Day - Zedechias
Talisman of the Day - The Crab
Book of the Day - Les Diaboliques

Capricorn - Sun rises at 7.24am

27th January 1002 – Poisoning of Othon III by the sorceress Stefania
27th January 1732 – Closing of the Saint-Medard Cemetery
27th January 1832 – Birth of Lewis Carroll
27th January 1925 - Declaration of 27th. January

Virgilian way to arouse love
If a woman wants a man who is indifferent in love, she will model a wax figure with the appearance of this man. Then she will go to the foot of the altar and, surrounding the simulacrum with three bands of different colours she will conjure the priestess as she ties three knots in the bands whilst she recites incantations dear to Venus.

Council of a peasant soldier
To prevent a sentinel falling asleep at his post, he must tie to his right arm a head of dried bat.

Secret of the Swabian hermit
If you have the mumps, invoke Saint Tympan.

Recipe of a gallant apothecary
You will make 50 litres of excellent “Verdoline De Turin” by mixing 4gr. Tonkin beans, 15r. of Myrrh, 60gr. Ceylon cinnamon, 80r. cardamon, 60r. caraway, 30r. of Mace and 40r. Genepi in 10 litres of three-six.

Saint Chrysostome was violent and arrogant in defence of his faith. He spent all his life fighting the heretic minions of Arius, overturning the idols and annoying the Empress Eudoxie who he addressed from the pulpit as Herodias delirious. He was denied martyrdom. He died in isolation, in exile, in the arms of his faithful eunuch Brison.

Issacharon Assistant of Leviathan, possessor of one of the nuns of Loudon.

Zedechias Learned cabalist from the 8th Century, commanded elemental spirits to take a visible form. The sky, the sea and the forests were then peopled by perfect creatures who Charlemagne and his people took for witches and had monks excorcise.

Monday, 25 January 2016

January 26th
Saint of the Day - Saint Paul
Deviless of the Day - Lilith
Woman of the Day - Morgan
Talisman of the Day - The Dragon
Book of the Day - The Ritual of Malines

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.34

26th January 1589 – The Catholic League bewitch Henri III 40 times at 40 Masses
26th January 1855 – Gerard De Nerval hangs in the Rue De La Tuerie
26th January 1938 – Burning of the sky at Fatima
26th January 1949 - Athenagoras installed in Byzantium

Perfume knowledge
Take the curdled blood of an ass, the fat and the breast of a lynx, in equal parts. Make of this a powder with which you perfume the house. Sleep and you will see a ghost that will tell of the good and evil that must happen to you.

Secret of a Goetic Bird
If you take a hangman’s rope and put it in a clay pot with a little straw, a whirlwind will rise instantly.

Secret of a doctor of the poor
You can stop the involuntary flow of your semen by attaching lead sheets to your loins.

Thoughts of Carzou
There is not a table with recipes or formulas.

Saint Paul did not resist the ravages of time; the relationship of his life were destroyed by wars, fires and vicissitudes. it is believed he lived in the desert, knew Theodosius the hairy and was fed by a raven.

Lilith is the princess of Succubi. She has the aspect of a beautiful woman and destroys newborns. Some allege that she was the first creature on the earth, well before our mother Eve.

Morgan was the sister of King Arthur. She studied magic with the Wizard Merlin and became one of the most powerful fairies in Britain.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

An unexpected break. Starting again up to date, will catch up with missing dates when time allows:

January 25th
Saint of the Day - Saint Farce
Deviless of the Day - Armellina
Woman of the Day - Madeleine Bavent
Talisman of the Day - Stigma Diaboli
Book of the Day - The Sabbat

Capricorn - Sun rises at 7.25am - Harmful day

25th January 1235 – Birth of Raymond Lulle in Palma
25th January 1637 – Piercing of the tongue of James Naylor
25th January 1823 – Exorcism of Jeanne Sarrau, demoniac
25th January 1850 - The holy fire of Saint Elme devours a fleet
25th January 1966 - explosion of the Corcovado

The spirits of the Moon
It is recommended to be on good terms with the spirits of the moon because the nature of these spirits is to give money. To make them appear, simply practice the conjuration and you will see them the next day. So as not to scare you, know that they have a great supple, soft body, the colour of a dark cloudy swarm, swollen face, red watery eyes and a bald head.

Council of an old sailor
If you want to be sure of not drowning, wear on your skin a birth caul

Secret of a good fortune teller
You will preserve the efficacy of spells if your carry about yourself a piece of wood from a tree struck by lightning.

Thoughts of William Blake
I have always found that Angels have the vanity to speak of themselves as the only wise; this they do with a confident insolence sprouting from systematic reasoning.

Saint Farce surrendered his soul at the age of 18 months of age after receiving baptism. After his death, his little body exhaled a perfume so angelic that many idolaters were converted by the sniffing.

Armellina a succubus also called Ermeline, haunted the nights of many lay people and many priests. Rare were those who resisted her charms. She disappeared in the 19th century.

Madeleine Bavent Portress of the Louviers convent, was seduced by the magician Mathieu Picard and married to the devil Dagon. Named Princess of the Sabbat, she bewitched all the local community and when tortured, confessed to eating small children, renouncing God and kissing the arse of the great Goat.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Thrown off course due to household illness, will have to catch up over the weekend.

January 11th
Saint of the Day - Saint Hortensia
Devil of the Day - Hecate
Man of the Day - La Brinvilliers
Talisman of the Day - Light
Book of the Day - The Key to Dreams

Capricorn - Sun rises at 7.32am

11th January 1494 –Death of Ghirlandaio
11th January 1514 –Appearance of a frightening sun at Rotwil
11th January 1680 –Racine is suspected of empoisonment
11th January 1905 -Spontaneous generation at Pontavert
11th January 1920 -The sinking of Africa

To create thunder
Take an expercol and wring its neck at midnight. Cast a little of its blood into water. There will be terrifying thunderclaps.

Council of a doctor of the poor
If your glands are scrofulous, hang a goats head around your neck and they will surely heal

Secret of the Swabian hermit
Make a perfume with cuttlefish gall, the thyme, roses and aloe wood, light it and sprinkle the flame with blood. At that very instant your home will bleed through all its bricks.

Secret of a good fortune teller
13 at a table is a pretty bad omen

Thoughts of Andre Marchand
Black is a light

Saint Hortensia who refused to sacrifice to idols, was, although of noble birth, condemned and tortured. Conducted amidst jeers to an oil mill, she was crushed like an olive. The juice that flowed was so clear and the perfume so holy that the servants of the mill collected the precious liquid in small bottles and sold them to the faithful at the entrance to the catacombs.

Hecate Powerful devil, governs the crossroads. She has three faces in one, horse, woman and dog. When she appears, the ground shakes and the flames flicker

La Brinvilliers illustrious poisoner Marquise, killed a multitude of people from all classes of society. Not acting out of hatred nor interest, it may be that she worked on behalf of the devil. Under the cover of the Charite Chretienne, she visited houses of god and offered to treat patients with arsenic. She was executed but the poisonings didn’t cease even after her death.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

January 10th

Saint of the Day - Saint Guillaume
Devil of the Day - Gobelin
Man of the Day - Copernicus
Talisman of the Day - The garfish
Book of the Day - Paradise Lost

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.15

10th January 2378 – Mycale transforms three children into bear cubs
10th January 1305 – Appearance of a giant woman in Zealand
10th January 1430 – Making of the Golden Fleece
10th January 1528 - Imprisonment of Torralba
10th January 1537 - Prodigious flowering in the garden of Cosmo de Medici
10th January 1957 - Condemnation of the Marquis De Sade

To become invisible
One Wednesday, before sunrise, take a skull in good condition and seven black beans. Put one bean in the mouth, two in the eyes, two in the nostrils and two in the ears. Then draw a triangle on the skull with a consecrated coal from a censer. Bury it, facing the sun, and water it for nine days with eau-de vie. On the tenth day, there will be born a Spirit that will water itself for seven days. After that time, dig up the head, and, one after the other put the seven beans in your mouth whilst staring at yourself in a mirror. If your image in the mirror disappears, it is a sign that you are invisible.

Council of a knight
You will stop a tavern brawl by throwing into the middle of the combatants an apple upon which you will have written “HAON”

Secret of a good fortune teller
You will favour the success of your spells by wearing around your right knee, during the ceremony, a bag containing dried thevut leaves

Axiom of the immortal
The nastiest wheel of the cart always shouts

We only know of Saint Guillame by the street situated in Paris in the 6th arrondissement. Nevertheless its proximity to the Rue des Saints-Peres and that of the pPre-aux-Clerics sufficiently proves his holiness

Gobelin is a domestic wisp, benevolent, greedy and helpful.

Copernicus, celebrated astronomer, invented a science that was condemned by Rome.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

January 9th

Saint of the Day - Saint Paphnuce The Panopolitain
Devil of the Day - Celsus
Man of the Day - Tisamenus
Talisman of the Day - The unicorn
Book of the Day - Marbles

Capricorn - Sun rises at 7.35am

9th January 1514 – Death of Anne de Bretagne
9th January 1551 – Death of Martin Bucer (of a burst belly by the Devil)
9th January 1836 – Execution of Lacenaire
9th January 1908 - Birth of Simone De Beauvoir in Paris
9th January 1955 - Massacre at Ancona

To live a chaste life
To withstand the temptations of the flesh, take powdered agate and run through a cloth drenched in wolf grease and, with this cloth, gird up your loins like a belt. In addition, a man must carry the heart of a male quail on him and a woman must carry the heart of a female quail. The effect will be stronger if the heart of the bird is wrapped in a piece of wolf skin.

Council of a doctor of the poor
The infernal stone, also called by some the celestial stone, is, by the grace of its very small price, a great utility for the relief of the poor. It dries the flesh of mushy and filthy ulcers, heals scrofula and cankers, reduces the mortified flesh and removes fistulas that resist the lancet.

Secret of a Goetic bird
If you rub your eyes with chicken fat soaked in wine that has cat droppings in it, you are sure to see what others do not see.

Saint Paphnuce The Panopolitain, a lonely Egyptian, having heard the fame of Thais, admirable and adored courtesan, decided to bring her back into the bosom of the Lord. He went to find her, gave her gold pieces and, despite his great age, undertook to make love to her. But an Archangel was substituted for the saint and the courtesan was so amazed she abandoned her wealth and, burning her palace, she followed him to the Thebaid.

Census is a tiny devil that multiplies tadpoles and leeches in wells and caterpillars in gardens

Tisamenus was an illustrious mystagogue of ancient Sparta

Friday, 8 January 2016

January 8th

Saint of the Day - Saint Lucien de Goelle
Devil of the Day - Dagon
Man of the Day - Robert of Lincoln
Talisman of the Day - The crossbow
Book of the Day - The Lame Devil

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.12

8th January 1337 – Death of Giotto
8th January 1894 – Birth of Michel Simon in Geneva
8th January 1896 – Death of Paul Verlaine
8th January 1905 - Beatification of St. John Vianney
8th January 1905 - Birth of General Geoffrey in Paris
8th January 1960 - The marvellous hypertrichosis of Yul Brynner

The Warrior’s Talisman
The best talismans for men of war are: The bezoar of a rooster, a hen’s egg, a hyena’s skin, a leopard, a wolf, salamanders, a lion’s tooth, Usnea (greenish fungus that collects on old human skulls), the mandragora, instruments of torture and finally the pentacles of Mars and Mercury.

Secret of a sleepwalker
If you find one evening an old unfamiliar woman sitting silently near the fireplace, it is a sign that a resident of the home will die.

Council of a gallant apothecary
You will get a strong erection by rubbing your member with walnut oil in which you have dipped a magnetite stone.

Academic fact
Toad slime does not affect white ermine

Saint Lucien de Goelle died piously, as he had lived ,on the banks of the Scarpe. He was responsible for the invention of the halo.

Dagon, a minor devil, and Chief Baker of Hell. He has the body of a man, legs of a woman and the head of a woodpecker. He is the declared enemy of Saint Michael.

Robert de Lincoln was an English astrologer and celebrated alchemist.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Another day, another Artaud reference (Heliogabalus)...

January 7th
Saint of the Day - Saint Siege
Devil of the Day - Stratanael
Man of the Day - Heliogabalus
Talisman of the Day - The Rod of Moses
Book of the Day - The Enchanted World

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.10

7th January 1785 –Blanchard crosses the Pas-de-Calais
7th January 1815 –Executiono fMarshal Ney
7th January 1858 –Explosion of a calorifere in the Saint-Sulpice church
7th January 1899 -Birth of Francis Poulenc in Paris
7th January 1948 -Flying saucer in Dakota

Conjuration of Lucifer
This conjuration operates between the eleventh and the twelth hour and between the third and fourth hour. Draw a circle on the floor with a consecrated coal and write around it with a consecrated chalk: "I forbid you lucifer, by the name that you fear, to enter the circle."
Then recite the following formula: "I conjure you, Lucifer, by the ineffable names On - Alpha - Ya - Rey - Sol - Messias - Ingodiern - Thou hast to do (your demand) without harming me"

Council of a good fortune teller
If you want to avoid night terrors and cure your backache, wear a crystal around your neck.

Secret of a sleepwalker
According to the doctrine of the rabbis, the world should only last six thousand years. Two thousand years of futility, two thousand years of war, two thousand years of the messiah. After that, all things rest.

Saint Siege was a rich and beautiful adolescent from Almaque. He practiced, in a guilty and disorderly way, the pleasures of the flesh with a multitude of women and also a number of young men. Fearing he would set a bad example for the town, Heaven took pity on him and sent a shameful disease. His genitals fell to dust and his eyes stagnated in pestilential pus. Illuminated by grace, he gave his riches to monks and lived in penance and love of the Lord.

Stratanael, beautiful cherub, fell during the revolt of the Angels. His body is covered with eyes of ruby and opal. He arouses excessive pride in princes he wants to lose.

Heliogabalus Decadent Roman Emperor who mocked religion, priests and the Gods. He adored the Devil. He was suspected of pederasty.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

January 6th
Saint of the Day - Saint Espine
Devil of the Day - Garache
Man of the Day - Frederic Stuffe
Talisman of the Day - Agate
Book of the Day - Metamorphoses

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.10

6th January 1542 –Death of Bernard of Orley
6th January 1568 –Birth of a monster with a head of a Bishop’s Mitre in Krakow
6th January 1840 –Rain of fire in Paris
6th January 1904 -Beatification of Joan of Arc
6th January 1906 -Birth of Oscar Dominguez in Tenerife

To transform heads
First pour sulphur powder and litharge into a full oil lamp; then make a candle with beeswax and the droppings of any animal; light the candle with the flame of the lamp and, holding it with one hand, offer wine to friends and all who drink will get the head of the animal whose droppings you use.

Council of a flying doctor
To cure an epileptic, slip on a ring made from the hoof of a white ass.

Secret of the Deacon’s cat
Guard from Devils and the evil eye in your home by painting the walls with water and alum.

Thoughts of Agrippa of Aubigne
“When truth puts a dagger to the throat, you must kiss the white though blood stained hand”

Saint Espine practised all his life very hard mortifications for the remission of sins of others. Having vowed never to eat bread, he ate only locusts and nettles. The Devil often tempted him in the form of a cabbage.

Garache is a headless demon, that encourages theft and swindling. Its fingernails are ingrown and its tongue mellifluous.

Frederic Stuffe Illustrious German Magician, a protege of Behemoth, called forth a multitude of soldiers by throwing handfuls of millet grain into the wind. With this army he ravaged the Rhineland, defeated Emperor Rudolph and seized the town of Cologne. Betrayed by a false apostate priest, a spy of Rome, he was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake.