Monday, 25 January 2016

January 26th
Saint of the Day - Saint Paul
Deviless of the Day - Lilith
Woman of the Day - Morgan
Talisman of the Day - The Dragon
Book of the Day - The Ritual of Malines

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.34

26th January 1589 – The Catholic League bewitch Henri III 40 times at 40 Masses
26th January 1855 – Gerard De Nerval hangs in the Rue De La Tuerie
26th January 1938 – Burning of the sky at Fatima
26th January 1949 - Athenagoras installed in Byzantium

Perfume knowledge
Take the curdled blood of an ass, the fat and the breast of a lynx, in equal parts. Make of this a powder with which you perfume the house. Sleep and you will see a ghost that will tell of the good and evil that must happen to you.

Secret of a Goetic Bird
If you take a hangman’s rope and put it in a clay pot with a little straw, a whirlwind will rise instantly.

Secret of a doctor of the poor
You can stop the involuntary flow of your semen by attaching lead sheets to your loins.

Thoughts of Carzou
There is not a table with recipes or formulas.

Saint Paul did not resist the ravages of time; the relationship of his life were destroyed by wars, fires and vicissitudes. it is believed he lived in the desert, knew Theodosius the hairy and was fed by a raven.

Lilith is the princess of Succubi. She has the aspect of a beautiful woman and destroys newborns. Some allege that she was the first creature on the earth, well before our mother Eve.

Morgan was the sister of King Arthur. She studied magic with the Wizard Merlin and became one of the most powerful fairies in Britain.

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