Wednesday, 27 January 2016

January 28th

Saint of the Day - Saint Charlemagne
Devil of the Day - Essas
Man of the Day - Gerbert D’Aurillac
Talisman of the Day - Steel
Book of the Day - L’Avesta

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.30

28th January 193 – A vision announced the death of Emperor Pertinax
28th January 1120 – Saint Norbert tames a wolf
28th January 1342 – Bursting of a fiery globe in the sky over the archipelago
28th January 1886 - Birth of grand jacques
28th January 1905 - Invention of the Prix Femina
28th January 1910 - The flooding of Paris
28th January 1957 - Tribulations of the angel Cyclamen

To charm a savage beast
Put in your mouth in a small topaz wrapped in an auronne leaf. When you see the savage beast, spit what you have in your mouth into a piece of silk cloth and bind tightly. Then throw it against the beast, saying aloud “Grabaton - Union - Adonay” Say this three times. The animal will not move and will remain on the spot as if petrified.

Council of a doctor of the poor
You will stop menstrual flow by applying boiled crushed red slugs on your navel.

Secret of a good fortune teller
The cry of a mouse is a pretty bad omen

Council of a peasant soldier
You shall drive the flies away from any place you want by burying the tail of a wolf

Saint Charlemagne Patron of students, received from an angel the marvellous jewel of the holy prepuce. This prestigious relic was for a long time the glory of Cologne and is now the ineffable treasure of Saints Corneille and Cyprian of Calcutta.

Essas Devil with the face of a hare, has the lower abdomen in the shape of hand. He presides over the solitary pleasures of both sexes.

Gerbert D’Aurillac was a celebrated necromancer. They say he had knowledge possessed of the devil and a dragon that devoured six thousand people daily. He was elected Pope in 999 under the name of Sylvester II. When his bones stir in the tomb, it is a sign that a pope will die.

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