Sunday, 3 January 2016

January 4th
Saint of the Day - Saint Rigolboche
Deviless of the Day - Anarete
Woman of the Day - Rosa Masher
Talisman of the Day - the mandrake
Book of the Day - The Almagest

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.07

4th January 1477 – Death of Temeraire
4th January 1711 – Apparition of the hand of Gauthier in Bruges
4th January 1737 – Birth of the monster Cattozi in Venice
4th January 1896 - Birth of Andre Masson in Balagny

To destroy a city
make an image under the hour of Saturn when malign influences are in the ascendant. Then bury the image in the middle of the city and the city will be destroyed.

Council of a knight
You will laugh heartily by lighting a wick made of a funeral shroud which you have coated in a yellow dove crushed and soaked in elderflower oil.

Recipe of the apothecary
You will get an excellent eau d’arquebus by distilling 250g of rosemary, 250g of sage, 250g of marjoram, 250g of citronella, 250g wild thyme, 375g of lavender, 375g of Indian Vervain, 125g of mint geranium, 250g of fennel, 250g of hyssop, 250g of summer savoury, 250g of oregano, 250g of garden balsam, 250g of rue, 250g of meadowsweet, 250g of melissa, 125g of peppermint and 500g of Swiss linement tea in 24 litres of three-six.

[trans note: eau d’arquebus or Arquebus water is a distillation originally used to treat Arquebus (or gunshot) wounds. Three-six is an eau-de-vie made in Normandy, basically means "three measures of alcohol and three parts water].

Saint Rigolboche had a difficult early life. The daughter of a craftsman from The Passage D’Enfer, she lived to give her body to the pleasures of godless Bohemia. The chance meeting of a good man gone astray in this dissolute environment led her to seventh heaven.

Anarete is a very malignant devil who does not hesitate to put on Saints habits and pretend to be holy. The sign of the cross will make her disappear.

Rosa Malheur whose real name was Arthemise Maigrio, was a psychic, clairvoyant and fortune teller in the nineteenth century. She was born and died in Montelimar.

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