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It occurs to me that it would be better all round if I posted for the following day so here are two days in one go. The 4th. will be posted tomorrow evening and so on.

Already Labisse's surreal humour is starting to creep in, remember this was published in 1957 (though "The burning of the Amazon" in 1981 is pretty disconcerting). If I had more time, there are plenty of annotations to add. His description of Pruslas (or Pruflas) seems to be from De Plancy. Below is one of the separate images that accompany the book. I'm off to church with some ground bumblebees...

January 2nd
Saint of the Day - Saint Basil of Nidame
Devil of the Day - Pruslas
Man of the Day - Vesalius
Talisman of the Day - Ananisapta
Book of the Day - The Bloody Shadows

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.03

2nd January 1500 - Divine vengeance at Sion
2nd January 1613 - The devil transformed into a young girl being hanged by a gentleman
2nd January 1802 - The flooding of Git-le-coeur street
2nd January 1873 - Birth of Therese Martin
2nd January 1956 - The fall of a great star
2nd January 1957 - Appearance of the Virgin to an inhabitant of Bordeaux
2nd January 1981 - Burning of the Amazon

To see Wonders
Take a drowned kitten, put a bean in its eye and bury it. When the beans are ripe, dig up the kitten and put one of the new beans in your mouth. Do not swallow and you will see wonders.

Council of a flying doctor
To be cured of hemorrhoids sit on the skin of a Lion.

Secret of the Swabian hermit
Prayer for toothache
"Santa Apollonia that sits on the stone, Santa Apollonia what are you doing there? I came here for the toothache, if it’s a worm remove it, if it is a drop it will go away…"

Saint Basil of Nidame was one of the Fathers of the Desert. He lived in poverty and destitution around Amphilochius. The Devil often came to tempt him. One day the Devil turned it into pillar of fire in a nearby village square. It was then that a hermit named St. Ephrem realised the deception of the Devil; he prayed and a tongue of fire appeared in the flames.

Pruslas, Demon with the head of an owl, Grand Duke of Hell and the king of Babylon, causes wars, quarrels and fraudulent bankruptcies.

Vesalius, Illustrious Brussels physician, inventor of anatomical science, dared to glorify science despite the fury of the Church and the might of secular power, dissected corpses from profaned tombs, bought with gold.

January 3rd
Saint of the Day - Saint Juniper
Deviless of the Day - Aura
Woman of the Day - Cleopatra
Talisman of the Day - Beryl
Book of the Day - Pierrot My Friend

Capricorn - Sun rises at 7.44 am

3rd January 1253 - Rained snakes in Cyprus
3rd January 1510 - Birth of Cacique Abayuba
3rd January 1661 - Arrest of Joseph Borri, alchemist and false prophet
3rd January 1893 - Duel between Clemenceau and Deroulede
3rd January 1899 - Birth of Brianchon at Fresnay-sur-Sarthe
3rd January 1904 - Birth of Boris Kochno
3rd January 1970 - Several prophesies are realised

To recognise female libertines
To recognize libertine women in church or elsewhere, bake bumblebees in a pot and grind them into a powder. Put the powder at the feet of a woman; if she avoids it, it is a sign of her licentiousness.

Council of a faithful shepherd
If you want to chase rats from your chambers, burn Unicorn horn

Secret of a good fortune teller
The one that is born under the sign of Capricorn will be timid and fearful. She will have sex with 3 men with whom she will have 18 children. She will go on pilgrimages and become blind at 31.

Council of an old sailor
The image of Neptune engraved on a beryl stone and worn around the neck is a great talisman to safely traverse storms and shipwrecks.

Saint Juniper refused all her life to deal with men. She founded several convents and created her own kingdom which, with the Devil’s help, was disbanded when it was condemned by Rome.

The Deviless Aura has little power but her luminescence will attractively adorn your nights.

Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt famous for her charm and her beauty, killed herself by being bitten by two asps.

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