Tuesday, 26 January 2016

January 27th
Saint of the Day - Saint Chrysostome
Deviless of the Day - Issacharon
Woman of the Day - Zedechias
Talisman of the Day - The Crab
Book of the Day - Les Diaboliques

Capricorn - Sun rises at 7.24am

27th January 1002 – Poisoning of Othon III by the sorceress Stefania
27th January 1732 – Closing of the Saint-Medard Cemetery
27th January 1832 – Birth of Lewis Carroll
27th January 1925 - Declaration of 27th. January

Virgilian way to arouse love
If a woman wants a man who is indifferent in love, she will model a wax figure with the appearance of this man. Then she will go to the foot of the altar and, surrounding the simulacrum with three bands of different colours she will conjure the priestess as she ties three knots in the bands whilst she recites incantations dear to Venus.

Council of a peasant soldier
To prevent a sentinel falling asleep at his post, he must tie to his right arm a head of dried bat.

Secret of the Swabian hermit
If you have the mumps, invoke Saint Tympan.

Recipe of a gallant apothecary
You will make 50 litres of excellent “Verdoline De Turin” by mixing 4gr. Tonkin beans, 15r. of Myrrh, 60gr. Ceylon cinnamon, 80r. cardamon, 60r. caraway, 30r. of Mace and 40r. Genepi in 10 litres of three-six.

Saint Chrysostome was violent and arrogant in defence of his faith. He spent all his life fighting the heretic minions of Arius, overturning the idols and annoying the Empress Eudoxie who he addressed from the pulpit as Herodias delirious. He was denied martyrdom. He died in isolation, in exile, in the arms of his faithful eunuch Brison.

Issacharon Assistant of Leviathan, possessor of one of the nuns of Loudon.

Zedechias Learned cabalist from the 8th Century, commanded elemental spirits to take a visible form. The sky, the sea and the forests were then peopled by perfect creatures who Charlemagne and his people took for witches and had monks excorcise.

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