Friday, 29 January 2016

January 29th

Saint of the Day - Saint Serapion
Devil of the Day - Shaitan
Man of the Day - Montgolfier
Talisman of the Day - Sea Anomene
Book of the Day -The Devil’s Hair

Aquarius - Sun rises at 7.23am

29th January 394 – Death of the hermit Macaire
29th January 1393 – Burning Balls
29th January 1795 – The Cardinal of Rohan buys his collar
29th January 1889 - The Mayerling Drama
29th January 1892 - Death of Captain Nemo

Recipe to obtain the hen that lays golden eggs
Procure a black hen and, at midnight, go to a place in the woods called “Cross of…” Make a hole in the earth and begin the invocation. Kill the black hen on top of the hole, taking care that all the blood runs into it and cover the hole. Go back to your home without looking back under any circumstances. That same night, the Devil will give you another black hen which will be the hen that lays golden eggs.

Council of a Deacon’s Cat
Demons will never annoy you if you keep in your wallet a fragment of the bed sheet of a holy saint.

Secret of a good fortune teller
The one born under the sign of Aquarius will be delightful but hard by twenty-three. They will fear the oceans and beasts. They will live seventy-two years.

Thoughts of a sleepwalker
"Anoint a villain, he will prick you: prick a villain, and he will anoint you."

Saint Serapion was one of seven Christians who, locked in a cave by order of Decius, slept three hundred and seventy-two years. When discovered, no-one believed them and they were taken for grave robbers. Their adventure strengthened the dogma of the resurrection. They are revered as the seven sleepers.

Shaitan Oriental Demon, perhaps an orthographic alteration of Satan.

Montgolfier Illustrious flying man, invented a way to elevate into the air and dared to equal angels and eagles more so than even Simon Magus.

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