Monday, 4 January 2016

First real struggle, the charm against Daemonia isn't right, need to look again at the weekend. First instance of synchronicity, a copy of Artaud's deconstruction of the book of the day "The Monk" just arrived...

January 5th
Saint of the Day - Saint Amelie
Deviless of the Day - Pertunda
Woman of the Day - Orcavelle
Talisman of the Day - Copper
Book of the Day - The Monk

Capricorn - Sun rises at 07.40am

5th January 1066 –Death of Edward the Confessor
5th January 1576 –Death in Bruges of the astrologer Pierre Van Bruhesen
5th January 1579 –Death of Catherine De Medici
5th January 1895 -Degredation of Captain Dreyfus
5th January 1900 -Birth of Yves Tanguy in Paris

To see an image of a friend
Mix the sweat of the four Passions contained in the four Humors of the Earth and then write the name of a woman or a man on this earth whilst pronouncing said name. You will see an image of the person before you.

Secret of a good fortune teller
If you wish to regain your virginity, dive into the Cantos fountain.

Council of a doctor of the poor
Against Daemonia
Chicory, scariale, lettuce in equal amounts, a stout handful each of florum Violarum, florum Nuphat, florum Rosarum rubearum Anna, one ounce succi Borragaginis, succci Fummeterre, Succi pomarum acetorum deputarum, Anna, two ounces acitisquilliti, Anna, a semi ounce Zucari albi quartis, make up to one litre of clarified syrup.

Saint Amelie never existed. She was venerated in the Middle Ages due to a copyist Monks’ error after being distracted by the Devil.

Pertunda is one of the demons of impurity. She knows all the gestures of sensuality and you will enjoy her skills. Some have mistakenly put her into the ranks of the Succubus.

Orcavelle was a celebrated magician in the Arthurian mythos. She is known for her extraordinary enchantments.

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