Thursday, 7 January 2016

Another day, another Artaud reference (Heliogabalus)...

January 7th
Saint of the Day - Saint Siege
Devil of the Day - Stratanael
Man of the Day - Heliogabalus
Talisman of the Day - The Rod of Moses
Book of the Day - The Enchanted World

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.10

7th January 1785 –Blanchard crosses the Pas-de-Calais
7th January 1815 –Executiono fMarshal Ney
7th January 1858 –Explosion of a calorifere in the Saint-Sulpice church
7th January 1899 -Birth of Francis Poulenc in Paris
7th January 1948 -Flying saucer in Dakota

Conjuration of Lucifer
This conjuration operates between the eleventh and the twelth hour and between the third and fourth hour. Draw a circle on the floor with a consecrated coal and write around it with a consecrated chalk: "I forbid you lucifer, by the name that you fear, to enter the circle."
Then recite the following formula: "I conjure you, Lucifer, by the ineffable names On - Alpha - Ya - Rey - Sol - Messias - Ingodiern - Thou hast to do (your demand) without harming me"

Council of a good fortune teller
If you want to avoid night terrors and cure your backache, wear a crystal around your neck.

Secret of a sleepwalker
According to the doctrine of the rabbis, the world should only last six thousand years. Two thousand years of futility, two thousand years of war, two thousand years of the messiah. After that, all things rest.

Saint Siege was a rich and beautiful adolescent from Almaque. He practiced, in a guilty and disorderly way, the pleasures of the flesh with a multitude of women and also a number of young men. Fearing he would set a bad example for the town, Heaven took pity on him and sent a shameful disease. His genitals fell to dust and his eyes stagnated in pestilential pus. Illuminated by grace, he gave his riches to monks and lived in penance and love of the Lord.

Stratanael, beautiful cherub, fell during the revolt of the Angels. His body is covered with eyes of ruby and opal. He arouses excessive pride in princes he wants to lose.

Heliogabalus Decadent Roman Emperor who mocked religion, priests and the Gods. He adored the Devil. He was suspected of pederasty.

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