Friday, 8 January 2016

January 8th

Saint of the Day - Saint Lucien de Goelle
Devil of the Day - Dagon
Man of the Day - Robert of Lincoln
Talisman of the Day - The crossbow
Book of the Day - The Lame Devil

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.12

8th January 1337 – Death of Giotto
8th January 1894 – Birth of Michel Simon in Geneva
8th January 1896 – Death of Paul Verlaine
8th January 1905 - Beatification of St. John Vianney
8th January 1905 - Birth of General Geoffrey in Paris
8th January 1960 - The marvellous hypertrichosis of Yul Brynner

The Warrior’s Talisman
The best talismans for men of war are: The bezoar of a rooster, a hen’s egg, a hyena’s skin, a leopard, a wolf, salamanders, a lion’s tooth, Usnea (greenish fungus that collects on old human skulls), the mandragora, instruments of torture and finally the pentacles of Mars and Mercury.

Secret of a sleepwalker
If you find one evening an old unfamiliar woman sitting silently near the fireplace, it is a sign that a resident of the home will die.

Council of a gallant apothecary
You will get a strong erection by rubbing your member with walnut oil in which you have dipped a magnetite stone.

Academic fact
Toad slime does not affect white ermine

Saint Lucien de Goelle died piously, as he had lived ,on the banks of the Scarpe. He was responsible for the invention of the halo.

Dagon, a minor devil, and Chief Baker of Hell. He has the body of a man, legs of a woman and the head of a woodpecker. He is the declared enemy of Saint Michael.

Robert de Lincoln was an English astrologer and celebrated alchemist.

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