Saturday, 30 January 2016

January 30th

Saint of the Day - Saint Martine
Devil of the Day - Astarte
Man of the Day - Denizelle De Douai
Talisman of the Day -La Licacienne
Book of the Day -Justine

Aquarius - Night falls at 16.44

30th January 1652 – Death of George De La Tour
30th January 1796 – Orgies at Montgon
30th January 1837 – Authorisation of the public cult of Saint Philomena
30th January 1914 - Death of Paul Deroulede
30th January 1954 - Creation of “The Night of Proverbs”

To see naked, in a dream, the woman you want
Make a powder composed of calcinated deer penis, nutmeg, comfrey and tragacanth. Add to it an equal measure of bear grease and five ounces of whale oil. Boil the mixture for a quarter of an hour and pour into a glass vase which you leave exposed to the sun for forty days of summer. Before you sleep, rub this ointment into the soles of your feet, the pit of the stomach, navel and neck.

Council of a Goetic Bird
If you want to talk to a sleeping woman, place the heart of an owl between her breasts.

Secret of a good fortune teller
Offer a bushel of oats to Saint Radegonde and you will heal your seizures and prevent yourself from becoming overweight.

Thoughts of Jacques Prevert
We must give to the fine arts what belongs to the fine arts

Sainte Martine only exists in the minds of some gullible people who take bladders for lanterns and, thus, give weapons to the enemies of the true faith.

Astarte The wife of Astaroth. This very ancient Phoenician divinity was ranked among the devils because of the crescent moon she wears on the forehead that some simpleton monks took for horns.

Denizelle de Douai Girl with a crazy life, a witch at times, the whore of the Abbe de Peu-de-sens.

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