Sunday, 24 January 2016

An unexpected break. Starting again up to date, will catch up with missing dates when time allows:

January 25th
Saint of the Day - Saint Farce
Deviless of the Day - Armellina
Woman of the Day - Madeleine Bavent
Talisman of the Day - Stigma Diaboli
Book of the Day - The Sabbat

Capricorn - Sun rises at 7.25am - Harmful day

25th January 1235 – Birth of Raymond Lulle in Palma
25th January 1637 – Piercing of the tongue of James Naylor
25th January 1823 – Exorcism of Jeanne Sarrau, demoniac
25th January 1850 - The holy fire of Saint Elme devours a fleet
25th January 1966 - explosion of the Corcovado

The spirits of the Moon
It is recommended to be on good terms with the spirits of the moon because the nature of these spirits is to give money. To make them appear, simply practice the conjuration and you will see them the next day. So as not to scare you, know that they have a great supple, soft body, the colour of a dark cloudy swarm, swollen face, red watery eyes and a bald head.

Council of an old sailor
If you want to be sure of not drowning, wear on your skin a birth caul

Secret of a good fortune teller
You will preserve the efficacy of spells if your carry about yourself a piece of wood from a tree struck by lightning.

Thoughts of William Blake
I have always found that Angels have the vanity to speak of themselves as the only wise; this they do with a confident insolence sprouting from systematic reasoning.

Saint Farce surrendered his soul at the age of 18 months of age after receiving baptism. After his death, his little body exhaled a perfume so angelic that many idolaters were converted by the sniffing.

Armellina a succubus also called Ermeline, haunted the nights of many lay people and many priests. Rare were those who resisted her charms. She disappeared in the 19th century.

Madeleine Bavent Portress of the Louviers convent, was seduced by the magician Mathieu Picard and married to the devil Dagon. Named Princess of the Sabbat, she bewitched all the local community and when tortured, confessed to eating small children, renouncing God and kissing the arse of the great Goat.

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