Tuesday, 5 January 2016

January 6th
Saint of the Day - Saint Espine
Devil of the Day - Garache
Man of the Day - Frederic Stuffe
Talisman of the Day - Agate
Book of the Day - Metamorphoses

Capricorn - Night falls at 16.10

6th January 1542 –Death of Bernard of Orley
6th January 1568 –Birth of a monster with a head of a Bishop’s Mitre in Krakow
6th January 1840 –Rain of fire in Paris
6th January 1904 -Beatification of Joan of Arc
6th January 1906 -Birth of Oscar Dominguez in Tenerife

To transform heads
First pour sulphur powder and litharge into a full oil lamp; then make a candle with beeswax and the droppings of any animal; light the candle with the flame of the lamp and, holding it with one hand, offer wine to friends and all who drink will get the head of the animal whose droppings you use.

Council of a flying doctor
To cure an epileptic, slip on a ring made from the hoof of a white ass.

Secret of the Deacon’s cat
Guard from Devils and the evil eye in your home by painting the walls with water and alum.

Thoughts of Agrippa of Aubigne
“When truth puts a dagger to the throat, you must kiss the white though blood stained hand”

Saint Espine practised all his life very hard mortifications for the remission of sins of others. Having vowed never to eat bread, he ate only locusts and nettles. The Devil often tempted him in the form of a cabbage.

Garache is a headless demon, that encourages theft and swindling. Its fingernails are ingrown and its tongue mellifluous.

Frederic Stuffe Illustrious German Magician, a protege of Behemoth, called forth a multitude of soldiers by throwing handfuls of millet grain into the wind. With this army he ravaged the Rhineland, defeated Emperor Rudolph and seized the town of Cologne. Betrayed by a false apostate priest, a spy of Rome, he was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake.

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