Sunday, 31 January 2016

January 31st

Saint of the Day - Saint Marcelle
Devil of the Day - Dueme
Woman of the Day - Cantianille
Talisman of the Day -The Harlequin coat
Book of the Day -The Apparition of Spirits

Aquarius - Sun rises at 7.22am

31st January 1547 – Discovery of numerous witches in Navarre
31st January 1620 – Apparition of a procession in the sky at Bellac
31st January 1969 – Numbing of the Powers

To find treasure
Take an agate and make it red-hot on the iron of a lumberjack's axe. Then, lay the ax on the floor in such a manner that the cutting edge is turned to the sky. Place the agate on the axe edge; if it rests, there is no treasure. If it falls; let it fall and repeat 3 times. If it rolls three times in the same direction, it’s a certain sign that a treasure is is buried in the ground at that spot. If it takes each time a different route, it’s a sign that there is a treasure but you will have to search elsewhere.

Council of a doctor of the poor
You can stop a haemorrhage by placing a bouquet of heliotrope on the affected part.

Secret of a Goetic Bird
You can cause the death of someone by shaking your hat three times and shouting “BUZZ”

Axiom of the Immortal
God has sent us the meat and the Devil cuisine

Saint Marcelle Lived in a cave a life of virtue and prayer when she was discovered by a troop of foreign soldiers who raped her many times. She succumbed under the sheer number. But this act did not go unpunished because none of those lustful men returned from war.

Deume is a Deviless from Malabar. Her horrible aspect inspires terror. She sucks blood of virgins whilst they sleep. Not to be confused with the Brancolaques.

Cantianille Possessed by the Demons Vert-Joli and Joli-Bois. Was exorcised unsuccessfully and died under the surgeon.

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