Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Thrown off course due to household illness, will have to catch up over the weekend.

January 11th
Saint of the Day - Saint Hortensia
Devil of the Day - Hecate
Man of the Day - La Brinvilliers
Talisman of the Day - Light
Book of the Day - The Key to Dreams

Capricorn - Sun rises at 7.32am

11th January 1494 –Death of Ghirlandaio
11th January 1514 –Appearance of a frightening sun at Rotwil
11th January 1680 –Racine is suspected of empoisonment
11th January 1905 -Spontaneous generation at Pontavert
11th January 1920 -The sinking of Africa

To create thunder
Take an expercol and wring its neck at midnight. Cast a little of its blood into water. There will be terrifying thunderclaps.

Council of a doctor of the poor
If your glands are scrofulous, hang a goats head around your neck and they will surely heal

Secret of the Swabian hermit
Make a perfume with cuttlefish gall, the thyme, roses and aloe wood, light it and sprinkle the flame with blood. At that very instant your home will bleed through all its bricks.

Secret of a good fortune teller
13 at a table is a pretty bad omen

Thoughts of Andre Marchand
Black is a light

Saint Hortensia who refused to sacrifice to idols, was, although of noble birth, condemned and tortured. Conducted amidst jeers to an oil mill, she was crushed like an olive. The juice that flowed was so clear and the perfume so holy that the servants of the mill collected the precious liquid in small bottles and sold them to the faithful at the entrance to the catacombs.

Hecate Powerful devil, governs the crossroads. She has three faces in one, horse, woman and dog. When she appears, the ground shakes and the flames flicker

La Brinvilliers illustrious poisoner Marquise, killed a multitude of people from all classes of society. Not acting out of hatred nor interest, it may be that she worked on behalf of the devil. Under the cover of the Charite Chretienne, she visited houses of god and offered to treat patients with arsenic. She was executed but the poisonings didn’t cease even after her death.

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