Saturday, 9 January 2016

January 9th

Saint of the Day - Saint Paphnuce The Panopolitain
Devil of the Day - Celsus
Man of the Day - Tisamenus
Talisman of the Day - The unicorn
Book of the Day - Marbles

Capricorn - Sun rises at 7.35am

9th January 1514 – Death of Anne de Bretagne
9th January 1551 – Death of Martin Bucer (of a burst belly by the Devil)
9th January 1836 – Execution of Lacenaire
9th January 1908 - Birth of Simone De Beauvoir in Paris
9th January 1955 - Massacre at Ancona

To live a chaste life
To withstand the temptations of the flesh, take powdered agate and run through a cloth drenched in wolf grease and, with this cloth, gird up your loins like a belt. In addition, a man must carry the heart of a male quail on him and a woman must carry the heart of a female quail. The effect will be stronger if the heart of the bird is wrapped in a piece of wolf skin.

Council of a doctor of the poor
The infernal stone, also called by some the celestial stone, is, by the grace of its very small price, a great utility for the relief of the poor. It dries the flesh of mushy and filthy ulcers, heals scrofula and cankers, reduces the mortified flesh and removes fistulas that resist the lancet.

Secret of a Goetic bird
If you rub your eyes with chicken fat soaked in wine that has cat droppings in it, you are sure to see what others do not see.

Saint Paphnuce The Panopolitain, a lonely Egyptian, having heard the fame of Thais, admirable and adored courtesan, decided to bring her back into the bosom of the Lord. He went to find her, gave her gold pieces and, despite his great age, undertook to make love to her. But an Archangel was substituted for the saint and the courtesan was so amazed she abandoned her wealth and, burning her palace, she followed him to the Thebaid.

Census is a tiny devil that multiplies tadpoles and leeches in wells and caterpillars in gardens

Tisamenus was an illustrious mystagogue of ancient Sparta

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